FREE Next Day Local Delivery from Bitters + Bottles!

Really? How does it work? 

Yes, really! It's simple, here are the steps:

1. Place your order at
2. Enter a local commercial address at checkout, and select the Next Day Office Delivery - Free option
3. We deliver next day between 8am and 12 noon! A person over the age of 21 must be present to receive the order.

How do I know if I'm local?

Good question! Our local deliveries must be to a commercial address in one of these zip codes: 



Ok, so what's a "commercial address"?

 A commercial address is a building zoned as a business, industrial or administrative facility, and not a residence. Basically, this location just cannot be a home. A person over the age of 21 must also be present to receive the delivery - we cannot leave the box unattended. 

But I work for home, can you make an exception?

We wish we could, but for legal reasons, the address has to be a commercial one. However, if you wish to make a friends with your local business owner - we can absolutely deliver to a business in your neighborhood (if they are willing to receive!). 

Is this just a way to stock my office bar?

Only if you want to share! Bottles are securely packed in a plain brown box, it's like any other shop online order - only tastier.