Plantation Trinidad 15 Year Red Pineau Single Cask Rum
Plantation Trinidad 15 Year Red Pineau Single Cask Rum Plantation Trinidad 15 Year Red Pineau Single Cask Rum
This Trinidad 15 Year Rum with a Red Pineau des Charentes finish was one of only a handful of Plantation Single Cask Rums crafted by Maison Ferrand for 2017. The Single Cask series is born from merging origins and a double aging process in cognac casks with an “original” finish. By definition, these are rare in quantity, exclusively selected worldwide and therefore not available everywhere.

This Trinidad distilled rum was aged 10 Years in the Caribbean in ex-Bourbon barrels, 4 Years in France in Cognac Casks, and finished for a year in Red Pineau des Charentes barrels. Very limited inventory.

Soft, supple, incredibly easy to sip. Complex without being rich or heavy. Tropical fruits and banana are joined by fig, plum, red grape, apple skin, and caramelized pear. Sweet caramel, maple, and brown sugar meet notes of leather, barrel char, hazelnut, vanilla, and a gentle cinnamon.

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San Francisco

Plantation, mmmmm

I’m a fan of most of Plantation’s rums and Alexandre Gabriel’s methods. Consistent with the other matured & cask finished stuff, this is nice one! A nicely matured Trini (from a single cask) before going onto the Red Pineau to further round it out. I dig these types of rums where a blender uses secondary barreling (and even some dosage) to enhance rather than overpower the original juice. When the end-product is delicious, I’m in for it. Most def a nice addition to the Plantations on my shelf - would also be a great entry point for someone who’s not yet explored rums as sippers.

Karstyn M.
United States

Got to love Plantation!

I have not had a bad Plantation rum yet, and this is no exception. The description is very accurate - this is an excellent rum! If I could I would buy a case of it!

Joe B
San Francisco

Rum with a hefty dose of France

An unusual rum that is incredibly easy to appreciate, traditional flavors of caramelized brown sugar and hints of tropical fruit are there, with a hefty dose of cognac type fruit and spice seamlessly layered in.

John Crabtree
Scottsdale, AZ

Finesse Feom Start to Finish

This rum is special. The 15 years of maturation show from the initial nose to the lingering finish. Softness and sweetness describe this rum but it has an unusually (and pleasantly so) long finish. It has “length” which left me in no rush to the next sip but pleasant reflection as tropical flavors revealed themselves one at a time. The attack is smooth and leads into a broad middle of sweetness with just the right acidic notes that come in and out. The broad, sweet middle is a good, long one and leads into a tapered, lingering and sophisticated finish that no joke, is a full five minutes. Mouth feel is excellent throughout and once that remarkable finish is over, it’s time for the next sip. Consider this sweet and earned revenge for the bad things that happen in life.

Justin O.

Worth the wait

This rum is amazing, nice sweetness and depth.